Costs Recovery

Costs Drafting

Drafting a detailed Bill of Costs is not simply a matter of counting letters and tabling the information; it is a demanding exercise involving skill and judgement which can make a tremendous difference to the amount of costs a solicitor will receive. All Bills drawn by INTEGRITAS are prepared by Draftsmen who have first hand advocacy experience and thus understand how costs should be claimed in any given matter. At the same time we take great pride in the presentation of Bills and understand the importance of corporate branding; if you require the use of your own logo/corporate colours to enhance presentation of your Bill, that is easily arranged.

Proactive Negotiation

The rapidly changing face of costs law makes it virtually impossible for solicitors to stay adequately informed on the subject. Consequently most of our Clients prefer us to deal with their costs through to detailed assessment, leaving them free to focus on fee earning work. Our draftsmen will conduct negotiations, settle Points of Reply, and attend any detailed assessment where necessary, and will either act under a pre-approved remit or based on their own assessment of the case.

Points of Reply

Knowledge of primary and secondary law has never been more important and all Draftsmen undergo continuous professional development in this respect. The ability to properly apply this knowledge determines the manner in which Replies are prepared and often leads to early settlement of costs.

Preparation and attendance at detailed assessment

Our advocates have vast experience (both as receiving party and paying party) and possess the necessary skills to ensure you are well represented on detailed assessment.

Post Detailed Assessment Reports

Issues are often uncovered on detailed assessments which need to be carefully addressed with the conducting fee earner following the hearing. At the conclusion of a matter we will prepare a post assessment report highlighting any specific areas which need to be dealt with in future cases.