Costs Limitation

Initial Part 36 Advice and Calculations

With heavy costs penalties for failing to beat a Part 36 offer, expert advice should be sought at the earliest opportunity. Based on our extensive Claimant and Defendant experience we will formulate Part 36 offers (and Advices, where required) to provide maximum costs protection.

Points of Dispute

The nature of commercial work means that a different approach needs to be taken depending on the issues of each individual case. Our draftsmen do not employ standard objections, and arguments are individually crafted to achieve maximum impact; the aim always being to avoid the expense of detailed assessment where possible.

Proactive Negotiation

All files are handled by highly competent Law Costs Draftsmen whose knowledge and experience set them apart from Costs Negotiators. We do not engage in games of brinksmanship; we obtain results based on experience.

Preparation and attendance at detailed assessment

Prior to any hearing an objective assessment is carried out by a second Draftsman to gauge and thereby reduce the risk facing Clients, and to improve the chances of success.

Post Detailed Assessment Reports

Detailed reports are prepared following any hearing. Where issues affecting our clients are raised, we provide advice on what course of action should be taken in future cases.